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In 2022 we will be running events at:

❖ Lake Glenbawn (Bass) 

❖ Lake Mulwala (Murray Cod & Golden Perch) 

❖ Lake Windamere (Golden Perch) 


These events offer the largest cash prizes in Australian Freshwater Fishing Tournaments 

We payout 90% of entry fee in cash prizes with payouts based on a 1 in 4 entry basis

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In May 2019, the inaugural Boats & More Native Classic was held over 2 days at Lake Mulwala.  60 teams attended and entry was $250 per team.  With first prize of $7,500 up for grabs the event was a raging success.  In June 2019, we launched the 2020 Native Classic.  Entry fee was bumped up to $300 per team and the teams were increased to 70 teams allowing 1st prize to be $10,000.  In only 4 days the event was 'BOOKED OUT' amazing 11 months before the event was scheduledUnfortunately due to Covid19 restrictions the 2020 Native Classic had to be cancelled.  

With the feedback organisers received from entrants and other tournament anglers across the country and our Tournament Director's vision to have 'Big Dollar Fishing Events in Australia', organisers of the Boats & More Native Classic decided to up the anti and make the 2021 Native Classic bigger and better.  As a result the 2021 Boats & More Native Classic will be held over three days and entry to the event has been increased allowing 1st Prize to be increased to an amazing $25,000 (Based on full field of 60 teams).

The success of the Native Classic has made waves across the country and Tournament Director Steve Galvin has been flooded with requests by some of the best Tournament Anglers in the country to run similar events at other locations.

In March 2020, while fishing at Lake Glenbawn with 2019 ABT AOY, Graham Ford the concept for TEAMS FISHING AUSTRALIA was formed. 


As a result in 2021 we will running 3 events:

❖ Lake Glenbawn (Bass) 

❖ Lake Mulwala (Murray Cod & Golden Perch) 

❖ Lake Windamere (Golden Perch) 

First place for Lake Glenbawn and Lake Windamere events will be $20,000 (Based on full field of 60 teams).


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